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CBR testing in Yorkshire

CBR testing is one of the most important steps that one should undertake before embarking on a construction project. Although the test may not seem complicated, it’s crucial and if ignored, it could lead to unprecedented issues.

CBR testing provides information to project managers about the soil composition in the area designated for the project. This information is important in determining whether a certain project should go on as planned or not. It also informs the project managers about what type of materials to use in the project. As such, it is important that qualified personnel carry out the test since even a simple error can have a huge impact.

What is CBR testing and how is it done?

CBR testing can be defined as the process of evaluating the penetration resistance of the soil. CBR determines how strong the ground is, the base course as well as the substrates. This information is thereafter used in the design and development of project sites. The information is particularly useful to developers and designers of pavements.

The CBR testing method was introduced by the California Department of Transport many years ago. As a result, the process is popularly known as CBR test – the short form of California Bearing Ratio test. During the test, the team will be able to determine the force needed to penetrate a section of the soil.

At CBR Testing UK, we use high-quality equipment to ensure that we get the most accurate results. Some of the most common apparatus used include dial gauges, spacer discs, loading machines and the penetration plunger. The combination of such equipment helps us to understand the composition of the soil samples and the composition of the surrounding areas.

Once the tests have been carried out and the numbers compiled, engineers and project managers can utilise the data in planning and project completion. If the soil has issues, the engineers will recommend countermeasures to overcome the issues identified.

When is a CBR test required?

CBR tests can be applied to many projects even though the most common projects that require CBR tests are pavements, parking spaces or highways. When heavy equipment or vehicles are driven on the road, they might compromise the stability of pavements, especially if the soil had issues.

Depending on how the soil in the area compacts, this will determine the thickness of the highway, pavement or parking. The data is also utilised in designing the road so that the engineer can know which areas are suitable for specific components.

What are plate bearing tests?

A plate bearing test or plate lad test is a test designed to determine the bearing capacity of soils in a particular area. This test helps engineers determine the ability of the soil to hold a temporary or even a permanent structure. Unlike the CBR, plate bearing tests put more emphasis on the current composition and the layers of the soil in an area.

Benefits of CBR testing in Yorkshire

  • They help project managers to determine if a certain area is suitable for the project. A CBR test can help you to determine if an area can support the project or not.
  • The tests also enable you to minimize losses – a CBR test determines if a project is suitable for an area or not. This helps to minimize losses that could have been incurred if the project was undertaken in an area that cannot support it
  • After carrying out the tests, you can plan for the project adequately and prevent problems that could have occurred in the future.
  • The tests prolong the lifespan of a project. With the CBR ratio, engineers and project managers can find solutions to counter and reinforce the weak areas.

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