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With years of experience working with the construction industry, we have armed ourselves with in-depth technical knowledge and understanding.

Our highly experienced technicians consistently deliver effective and high quality field testing services that meet and exceed contract specifications and standards, which they take pride in.

Nationwide is in our name, and we’re committed to providing services that surpass industry standards. In addition, we’ve got multiple locations across the UK,  no matter where you’re based, we’ve got you covered!

Testing carried out to the relevant British Standards

Having worked with the building sector for years, we’ve been able to extend our range of services to include the following:

  • Plate Loading Test (Plate Bearing Capacity)
  • CBR testing (CBR) California Bearing Ratio
  • Density (Sand Replacement) (SRD)
  • Density (Core Cutters)
  • Shear Strengths (Shear Vane)
  • Cone Penetrometer
  • CLEGG Hammer
  • Resistivity Tests
  • Redox Potential
  • Percolation / Soakaway Tests
  • Nuclear Density Compaction & Moisture Measurement
  • Dynamic Probing
  • Dynamic Plate Bearing Test (DPBT)

Our commitment to providing a quality service

Regardless of the size of your site, our comprehensive range of services provide you with clear results that empower you to take action.

Using the latest quality tested equipment and one of the country’s leading laboratories, we’re fully equipped to support the construction industry.

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