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What is CBR Testing?

A CBR Test measures the required power per unit area necessary for a standard round cylinder to enter a particular soil mass. The tests assume that the cylinder enters the soil at 1.25 mm per minute which is the rate required to compare a standard specific material’s entrance.

CBR Test stands for California Bearing Ratio Test. It was originally invented by the USA’s California Highway Department. Meaning they could measure the load-bearing limit of sub grade soil to ascertain whether it was suitable for flexible pavement.

During CBR Testing, multiple trials are carried out. These take place on both regular and compacted soils in both wet and dry conditions. We then collect and compare with standard test bends as a means of determining the soil’s quality.

Our company is capable of performing CBR tests quickly and efficiently throughout the Midlands. Additionally, we can even arrange one with short notice and prepare the results quickly, often within the day testing took place.

CBR Tests provide a precise measurement of soil quality. These tests are consistently utilised on subgrade when preparing from roads or the development of other street structures. They provide a reliable estimate of the necessary thickness of the materials that will be used in the construction. Better grounded equipment leads to higher-value results. These, in turn, lead to reduced development costs. This is because more accurate CBR Test results allow developers to use fewer materials in their projects thus saving on development costs.

However, CBR Tests do not show everything. They do not reveal the soil’s bearing limit, shearing strength or what kind of material is necessary for a crane base, heaping mat or other specialised projects. Instead, these require a test known as a Plate Bearing Test (PBR Test).

How is a CBR Test Performed?

The pressure required to penetrate a soil sample is divided by the pressure required to achieve the same level of penetration on a standard crushed rock material.

Harder surfaces require more pressure and this means a higher CBR value. Generally, a CBR value of 2% means the material is about as hard as clay while some types of sand have CBR values as high as 10%. The highest quality sub-base will have a CBR value of at least 80% with a maximum of 100%, the highest possible value.

CBR tests can only be applied on soils with particles sizes of 20mm or smaller. When performing the test, a four-wheel-drive vehicle provides the force driving a 50mm cylindrical plunger into the ground at a steady rate. It takes place at surface level or at depths that range from 500mm to 1cm at 20 to 30m intervals positioned along the construction centreline. Sites usually require a minimum of three tests though more may be performed.

A skilled operator is capable of performing as many as 8 to 10 tests within a single day and will be able to provide provisional results at the test site.

CBR Testing that utilises a PBR Test

CBR Tests that utilise a Plate Bearing Test on location is often a favoured methodology and may be required when the particle size of the soil exceeds 20mm. This type of tests uses similar equipment to a pure PBR Test. This is particularly fitting under certain circumstances such as when utilising granular materials. These types of materials come with extra parameters that require estimations such as the stress under the plate.

CBR Test Significance

CBR Tests are undoubtedly one of the most utilised tests for assessing the quality of sub-level soil, sub-base and course material. When utilised for airfields, they allow developers to determine the necessary thickness of roadways and pavements. This is undoubtedly the most utilised test for all pavement plans.

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