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What is a CBR Test?

CBR or the California Bearing Ratio testing refers to the assessment of the strength of substrates, base courses, and the ground. It’s a measure that was discovered by the Transportation Department in California. It has since gone on to become an important part of construction projects in Manchester, especially the construction of airstrips and roads.

A test is conducted at the project site. Determining the overall amount of pressure that is needed to successfully breach soil when a contractor is using normal plunder. The pressure value established then gets divided by the amount of pressure that is needed to get similar penetration when dealing with ordinary crumpled rocks.

The development of CBR testing was mainly aimed at assisting in measuring the load-bearing capacity of construction supplies when dealing with road projects. A CBR test is also used to estimate the load-bearing aptitude of the earth present in both unimproved airstrips and paved airstrips. Simply put, the harder each surface is found to be, the better its rating. This test comes in handy in determining how thick the construction materials need to be for them to easily withstand the pressure placed on it by heavy automobiles using that particular road.

Procedure Followed When Performing a CBR Test

The procedure followed when conducting CBR testing involves measuring the overall amount of pressure that is required for ordinary plunder to penetrate a given soil sample. This means that harder surfaces will automatically require higher CBR values. Typically, 2% of the pressure is achieved when dealing with clay. But there are certain sands that may have a pressure reading of around 10%. A good quality sub-base should have a CBR test rating of between 80%-100%. This type of reading means that the surface or material is strong or compact. Meaning it’s tough enough to tolerate any amount of weight that will be placed on it.

It’s the main reason why this needs to be considered when a contractor is planning to construct a road. It helps to guarantee that the materials to be used during construction and the soil are a perfect match for the intended road. Roads intended for use by cyclists have different ratings than those to be used by heavy trucks.

Flexible Pavement Design

This refers to a method relied upon to assist in determining the overall thickness that is required for a pavement to be constructed. It’s dependent on two methods that rely on the use of the CBR value. The methods in question are the CBR techniques endorsed by IRC and the CBR techniques suggested by the local state.

Advantages of CBR Testing

  • Portable equipment can be used to perform the tests. Meaning that not many resources are needed.
  • Testing can be performed on samples that will serve as representatives of the water conditions to expect in the future.
  • This kind of testing is best known for being able to adapt to pavement design, compared to all the other known methods.

There are many methods that have proved to work and that can be used in measuring a material’s load-bearing capacity. However, CBR testing is the only one that has been seen to be reliable.

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