Site Testing Services nationwide ltd is a specialised CBR and plate testing company that carries out plate cbr testing for the construction , civil engineering and geotechnical industries in and around London.

A CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Test is a penetration test used to measure the pressure required to penetrate the ground through means of hydraulic pressure and the settlement monitored , this is intended to replicate the mechanical strength of the soil and the wheel loads it can bear.

Ground testing is vitally important in the planning stage of any construction project to understand whether an area is suitable to be built upon, or needs preparation to be suitable for construction.

STS Construction carries out these tests meticulously for construction projects in London, gathering essential soil information on-site. Our professionals are highly experienced and can acquire a CBR value to assess the conditions at your proposed construction site.

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What is a CBR Test?

A CBR Test (California Bearing Ratio) was first devised by the California State Highway Department to determine surface level resistance to wheel loads. This is primarily used for engineering purposes such as building and road construction.

The CBR test is taken by penetrating a soil sample in intervals on the site along the proposed construction centreline. The pressure required for equal penetration on standard crushed rock material is used to divide the measured pressure from the CBR tests. This produces a CBR value used to measure the strength of the soil.

CBR values are invaluable when planning for construction projects to ensure the safety of the ground on-site and determine the materials needed to establish sound foundations. This is why contacting CBR Testing services is an essential step in the construction process.

CBR Testing Services

To have professional ground investigation CBR tests carried out in preparation for a construction project, contact our CBR testing specialists at STS construction today.

Our professional geotechnical engineers have years of experience carrying out CBR tests and other kinds of site investigation, therefore we can guarantee every CBR test will be carried out to the highest possible standard.

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What is the CBR Test British Standard?

The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test, while devised in the USA by the California State Highway Department, is an internationally recognised method for testing the quality of subbases layers.It is recognised in the United Kingdom by British Standard BS 1377-9, describing in-situ methods of testing soils for civil engineering purposes.

What is the CBR Test Requirement?

When planning for construction projects, a CBR test would ideally return a CBR value of 80-100%, indicating that the ground is robust and can withstand the pressure required by the project.

A lesser result from testing indicates that the soil is closer to clay, mud or sand which would be unsuitable for construction unless further prepared or reinforced.

The CBR value helps us to understand the condition of the site in the planning phase and what preparations need to be made before construction can begin.

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Do I Need a Plate Bearing Test or a CBR Test?

The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test is used to assess the strength and condition of subbase layers, while the plate bearing test is more often used to measure ground bearing capacity of implements such as crane mats or piling mats.

If you are looking to assess the condition of subbase layers with coarse particles, a CBR test may not be recommended as it is carried out on finer soil with a maximum particle size of 20mm.

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